Why the FDA Approved a Medication with CBD Oil Benefits 

Exactly why the FDA Approved a Medication with CBD Oil Benefits

Why the FDA Approved a Drug with CBD Oil Benefits On June 25, 2018, the administration accepted the use of Epidiolex® for its treatment of two severe forms of epilepsy: Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndromes.

This judgment could open the door to get a larger acknowledgement of all CBD oil benefits. Many already use CBD oil for conditions like stress and hypertension. However, will CBD get the respect it eventually deserves?

What exactly are Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndromes? 

As stated by the Epilepsy Foundation, those with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome encounter several different types of seizures. They comprise tonic seizures (defined by stiffening), together with atonic seizures. As much as five percent of kids diagnosed with epilepsy have Lennox-Gastault syndrome. Without continued lifelong therapy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome can be fatal.

Dravet syndrome is also a rare form of pediatric epilepsy, brought on by a hereditary disorder of the brain. Signs of Dravet syndrome show in the first period of life also demand fevers followed with seizures. Grand mal and clonic seizures of 2 minutes or more would be the most usual.

As children develop, they could face multiple types of seizures, triggered by mild, stress or body temperature changes. While the condition may improve with time, patients need lifelong treatment and direction. 

What is Epidiolex?

Epidiolex (cannabidiol) is a new drug from Greenwich Biosciences.  Both European and American authorities declared Epidiolex for treating both Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndromes. 

The medication comes from plant-based CBD without relying upon artificial sources. Patients take Epidiolex from a syringe, with precise dose determined by symptom severity.  Epidiolex may contain THC which is the added ingredient from the Marijuana plant that can get you high.

Can Epidiolex provide CBD oil advantages?

Using CBD oil in treating epilepsy isn't a new idea.  In 2014, 10 researchers presented a study on utilizing Epidiolex to treat seizures to the American Epilepsy Society.  Between their trials and anecdotal reports, they concluded cannabidiol could be a great for treating epilepsy.  In analyzing CBD oil benefits for epileptic seizures, three scientists from the West China Hospital of Sichuan University discovered cannabidiol has an anti-convulsive effect on rats.

Epidiolex was initially approved as a treatment in Europe in 2017, when health authorities granted it"orphan" status.  It obtained marketing approval in the conclusion of the exact same calendar year.  The medication was approved in the USA at 2018, after lengthy consideration.

Epidiolex Disadvantages

The most common side effects of Epidiolex included sleepiness, elevated liver enzymes, decreased appetite, diarrhea, rash, fatigue, insomnia, and infections

Is Epidiolex available over-the-counter?

Presently, Epidiolex is only available as a prescription medicine. A doctor must write the prescription first, which gets filled by a licensed pharmacy.  Epidiolex ought to not be confused with other CBD oils, CBD gummies, or CBD capsules. 

Most CBD goods do not require prescriptions to order.

Nonetheless, these CBD goods also don't have FDA approval -- that means we encourage consumers to do some research prior to making a purchase. 

Check out are article on Is CBD Safe?  Is CBD Legal?  to learn which product we recommend based on 3rd party testing, purity, and knowing exactly where your CBD oil product comes from.  More on that in a minute.

Buyer Beware of online "Epidiolex" sales - It's Likely a Scam

While it could share benefits with other goods, Epidiolex is just dispensed by pharmacists.  Any site or"online pharmacy" claiming to have Epidiolex accessible without a prescription is a scam.

Can Epidiolex showcase CBD oil advantages?

The FDA approval of Epidiolex is a significant win for the whole CBD industry.

For the first time in history, the FDA admits the larger image of CBD oil advantages.

"This endorsement functions as a reminder that progressing sound development applications that properly evaluate active ingredients contained in marijuana can lead to important medical treatments," Dr. Scott Gottlieb, commissioner of the FDA, stated in a media release. "And, the FDA is dedicated to this kind of careful scientific research and drug development."

The statement opens the doorway for FDA acknowledgement of additional CBD oil advantages.  Both peer-reviewed studies and anecdotal experimentation offers evidence on the possible good of CBD-based products.

Science Behind CBD

Scientific studies released by many peer reviewed books have lauded the uses and benefits for cannabidiol.

Much of the research indicates that CBD oil could help many ailments, including anxiety, arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome.

More significant, legitimate acknowledgement is coming for individuals who use CBD-based products.

According to a survey from HelloMD, over 80% of CBD users said that they found them "extremely or very effective" and are 42 percent more likely to stop using traditional drugs for ailments, like over-the-counter pain medications.

Even though you should always speak with your physician before stopping any medicine, signs from present users show there are CBD oil benefits we have yet to find. 

What are the barriers towards full acceptance of CBD oil?

Contrary to public understanding, CBD derived from the Hemp plant (not the marijuana plant) and must contain less than .03% THC.  If this has been met - it is considered 100% legal for purchase and consumption in all 50 states.  The other roadblock.  CBD is 100% THC free (at least our product). It does not get you high...ever.

Regardless of the FDA acceptance, cannabidiol-based merchandise has won complete de-stigmatization.  In other words, the market now applauds such a wonderful product which essentially has been prohibited since the 1930s roughly.  People of all walks of life, medical conditions, and struggles are finding relief with CBD oil.

But state-to-state principles, testing, and control about how CBD is harvested and controlled differs. The #1 reason people do not purchase CBD is because they are concerned about where it comes from.

However, many states regulate CBD products pretty well like Oregon , Kentucky, Washington, and others.  Oregon has a top standard in the industry which we are proud to say is where our #1 CBD oil products are from.

Enforcement actions in most states often concentrate on local distributors.  Such control and oversight is not a bad thing, however.  It is the beginning of enforced regulation to lessen the many band scam CBD companies out there.

Is there a recommended premium CBD oil without a Prescription I can trust?

As individuals seek natural CBD oil benefits, more unethical companies create fake cannabidiols. Through business self-regulation, people can be certain they get only pure, plant-derived CBD oils without any toxins or poisons.

At GreenLifeWay, we pride ourselves with partnering with a family farm since 1976 in Oregon that owns the entire premium CBD process using organic growing methods to ensure purity from seed to bottle. 

We put our money where our mouth is.  We are very confident in our product and our customer reviews show it.  However, we don't even take our own word for it.  Every batch is 3rd party tested and an new QR code is updated for that specific batch that when scanned, lists exactly what that bottle's results are.  It's the best in the industry.

Ongoing CBD clinical trials

Cannabidiol (the active drug in Epidiolex) is currently being tested in clinical trials as a treatment option for other conditions. Research is being done for the following conditions:

  • anxiety

  • bipolar depression

  • alcohol use disorder in people with post-traumatic stress disorder

  • Crohn’s disease

  • Parkinson’s disease

  • psoriatic arthritis

Many ongoing studies for other conditions are also being done. If you’d like to participate in a study, look for clinical trials in your area at clinicaltrials.gov.


The approval of Epidiolex is a large move towards acknowledging CBD oil benefits. With this major obstacle cleared, it may just be a matter of time before modern medicine expands their comprehension of the valuable properties of CBD.  Knowing your source is important if you're considering trying CBD without a Prescription.

It's important to note that CBD without a prescription is not FDA approved and this article is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases.  Therefore, understanding which states regulate their CBD products is important.  We recommend that whatever product you choose has been 3rd party tested with a Certificate of Analysis.

Disclaimer:  GreenLifeWay.org is not affiliated with Epidiolex and receives no monetary compensation for this article from them.  This is meant to primarily educate and should a consumer be interested in CBD, provide them with a brand we stand behind because in the general market place, it can be difficult to know who to trust.  We do however promote our own partner products from Vital Elements and upon clicking a link and purchasing our Premium CBD recommended product, receive a commission which helps us keep this invaluable resource going for people.

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