The 7 Most Misunderstood FACTS About CBD for Athletes 


Understanding CBD for professional athletes and why CBD oil tincture and CBD pain cream has become the #1 recovery tool in their medicine bag 

The 7 Misunderstood Facts About CBD For Athletes

Tiger Woods.  Phil Mickelson. Megan Rapinoe.

Lamar Odom. Rob Gronkowski.  Present and former professional athletes in most sports are advocating the use of cannabidiol, popularly called CBD. 

CBD is one of over 100 distinct cannabinoids which happen naturally in the cannabis plant. Though study on CBD is restricted, it will show promise in treating several conditions related to athletic competition, like joint pain, inflammation, and muscle soreness.

Misunderstood CBD FACT 1 - Claim: CBD comes from the Marijuana plant

The first misunderstood CBD fact is that CBD isolate is derived from the HEMP plant often mistakenly believed to come from the marijuana plant. They are cousins and in the cannabis family kind of like the orange and lemon are to the citrus fruit family. The biggest difference is THC.

CBD has many of the same possible advantages as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), but minus the psychoactive effects. Based on what we know at the moment, here's why athletes from across the sporting world are getting into CBD and what you should know about it.

Misunderstood CBD FACT 2 - Claim: CBD is limited to what it can help

Though study on CBD is limited, the effects of CBD are far from restricted.  CBD has shown promise in helping several ailments related to athletic contest, like joint inflammation, pain, and muscle soreness. The most amazing thing is it helps to replace our bodies natural Endocannabinoids in the body which thereby helps balance the body naturally.  Often helping relieve symptoms a person hadn't thought would ever disappear.

CBD has a number of the exact same possible advantages because tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), but minus the damaging effects.

According to what we know at the moment, here is why athletes from across the sport world are running toward CBD and everything you ought to know about it. 

Misunderstood FACT 3 - Claim: CBD Causes Memory Loss

In our CBD misunderstood Fact #3 we dispute the idea that CBD may impair memory.  This is not true.

Research indicates that CBD shows promise in assisting to alleviate pain and decrease inflammation, which might be handy for athletes engaging in extreme exercise.  A 2004 research on laboratory rats indicates that THC can impair momentary memory, whilst CBD does not seem to.

Misunderstood FACT #4 - Claim: CBD is a Gateway Drug

This is a sensitive topic and we do not discount it is worth exploring.  One should be concerned about this topic.  It's been said for a long time that marijuana is a gateway drug.  Again however, CBD is from the Hemp plant and has been shown to be non-habit forming.

Being concerned about this topic will cause you to lean into research and understand CBD.  You cannot get high from CBD so long as you know where it comes from, it's purity level, and it's been 3rd party tested to include a COA (Certificate of Analysis). 

In a 2018 report Trusted Source in the World Health Organization suggests that CBD does not appear to have the possibility of abuse or addiction -- unlike other pain-relieving materials, such as THC and opioids.

In reality, some study indicates CBD might be utilized as a means to deal with addiction to opioids along with other substances with dangers of dependence. 

One of some health circles, there is controversy within CBD's"nonpsychoactive" tag, as it will technically behave on precisely the exact same cannabinoid type 1 (CB1) receptors within the mind as THC.

However, since CBD works differently about these receptors, the consequences are distinct, and it will not get you high.

Misunderstood CBD FACT 5 - Claim: Professional Athletes do not use CBD

In our misunderstood fact 5, professional athletes are very encouraged by CBD actually.

Professional Athletes are so confident in CBD that they are using it during the game.  Tiger Woods chews CBD gum while in the picture to the left, Phil Mickelson is likely using CBD during the 2019 Masters.

One thing is clear.  CBD is not going anywhere.  The preliminary studies and testimonials from people all over the world suggest it's affecting thousands in a positive way.

Was this image of Phil Mickelson using CBD at the 2019 Masters? (photo: YouTube)

Tiger Woods has been taking it for several years and talks about how the miracle oil has helped his anxiety and arthritis for years.

Misunderstood FACT 6 - Claim:  CBD will make you Fail a Drug Test

Taking CBD should not enable you to test positive for THC, particularly in the event that you select CBD isolate.  CBD isolate at GreenLifeWay is 100% THC free. 

However, full-spectrum products are a danger.  Beware, Full Spectrum products contain variations of ingredients unlike CBD isolate and you likely would test positive.

Misunderstood FACT 7 - Claim: CBD products are all the same

CBD products are NOT created equal.  CBD is not an approved product by the FDA so unless you know where your product is from, how it was made, you are able to verify this by the Certificate of Analysis and via 3rd party testing to ensure it's purity and chemical free origin -- I assure you, CBD products are NOT all the same.  

There were several reports of individuals testing positive for THC following accepting CBD, based on the sort of evaluation used. The risk increases in the event that you choose CBD in the unreliable source, as it might be contaminated or mislabeled.If you are an athlete that must be drug tested, you might choose to prevent taking CBD.

Should you decide to take it, then read product labels and do your own homework to make certain that you're getting a high quality item.

Have health questions? 

Connect using a board-certified, seasoned physician online or by telephone. Pediatricians and other experts available 24/7. Even with CBD's relatively moderate side effects and organic origins, you still need to seek medical advice before attempting it.

This is particularly true when you've got a health condition or are taking other drugs.  CBD can interact with some drugs , altering how in which the body breaks down these drugs.

CBD for Beginners

If you are new to CBD, start using a very low dose and do not use it before an athletic contest or workout.

If you grow comfortable with its own effects, you may begin to use higher doses and think about taking it even through physical activity.It is also possible to experiment with different approaches to swallow and use CBD.

Aside from Premium High Grade yet affordable CBD Tincture and gummies, GreenLifeWay has CBD dog treats, CBD pain cream, CBD infused Ketones helping you to reduce body fat so you can get your body burning fat right away. 

With our CBD pain cream, topical CBD is believed to offer the very same advantages as other intake procedures. A recent research published within an Italian medical journal suggests that CBD balms can also treat psoriasis and scars.

There are still plenty of unknowns about CBD and its effect on athletes, but first research suggests that it is at least worth further investigation. Trainers might find it helpful for pain.If you would like to try CBD, then speak with your physician before doing this, particularly if you're taking any medicines. Begin with a very low dose and determine how your body responds prior to taking longer.


Can CBD Be Legal?

Hemp-derived CBD goods (with less than 0.3% THC) are legal in all 50 states. Marijuana-derived CBD goods are illegal on the national level, but are lawful under certain state laws. Assess your country's laws and people of everywhere you travel. Bear in mind that non invasive CBD goods aren't FDA-approved, and might be inaccurately labeled.

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Our CBD is Grown using Organic Methods free of chemicals and pesticides.  We own the entire process from seed to bottle so you know exactly what you're getting.  Better yet, each bottle comes with a QR code verifying it's 3rd party tested and Certificate of Analysis so you can use your CBD confidently.


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