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America's Hemp industry is growing and when a solid, ethical company with high manufacturing and crop growing standards is introduced into the marketplace, it is important the world hears about it.

GreenLifeWay has signed a partnership agreement with Vital Elements CBD company.  The company offers premium CBD isolate products like Pain Cream, CBD tincture with multiple flavors, CBD dog treats, CBD gummies.  Soon the company is secretly working on CBD infused Ketones and CBD hair loss products which would put them as the only company offering a CBD infused hair loss product in the United States. 

The Vital Elements CBD products are all THC free (non psychoactive ingredient) and made on a family farm in Oregon USA.  Keep on the lookout of the the secret hair loss product release announcement later part of 2020.

GreenLifeWay is quickly becoming the go-to online CBD resource as the focus is not only on products from Vital Elements Premium CBD, but also educating the public on the natural affects CBD has on the body.  

There are many companies out there with various unethical practices, "it's kind of like the wild west," said Clint Whitney, CEO and founder of GreenLifeWay.  

Mr. Whitney continued by saying, 

"We partnered with Vital Elements because they offered an incredibly unique opportunity within the CBD space.  It's the kind ground floor business opportunity that comes along once in a lifetime.  CBD sales wrapped up at roughly $1 billion in 2019.  According to other news source like Forbes, CBD sales are expected to grow to over $10-20 billion dollars by 2024"

That's not only an incredible opportunity but equally important to ensure the right information is getting out there. We provide Professional online marketing training for our affiliates and help others build their own business to find a life of freedom that is absolutely possible if you put in the work. 

From an education standpoint, People need to understand how CBD works, why it works, and that it isn't like taking an aspirin.  The effects must be built up in the body over time.  That's the power CBD can have on our bodies natural endocannabinoid system. 

Re-Balancing the body from the inside out to help find the healthy state a person once was.  It's truly an exciting time and we didn't want to be left behind wishing we would have jumped in.  

GreenLifeWay.org Webpage

Upon examining GreenLifeWay.org webpage, it is easy to see they are committed to actual science and fact-based articles, consumer advocate research, and real testimonials to help educate the public as to the incredible power of CBD.

They offer an incredible FREE resource by signing up for their newsletter called: "The Basics of CBD OIL - BONUS: 25+ Consumer advocate sources!" at the bottom of their home-page.  

What's also impressive and extremely REFRESHING is the extended partnerships Vital Elements has with a non-profit company.

Incredibly, the Non-Profit Organization Operation Underground Railroad gets 5% of Every CBD Oil Sale  

Remarkably, they have ensured that for the life of the company, Operation Underground Railroad benefits with every purchase.  

Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) is at the top of the company, no founders receive this kind of compensation. O.U.R. purpose is to rescue kids from the very difficult subject of sex trafficking. Every purchase made Operation Underground Railroad receives at least 5% or more. For life.

Vital Elements (VE) CBD Oil is a premium product which is 3rd party tested to ensure that what VE says is in the bottle, actually is. It also has a Certificate of Analysis in each batch so you can feel confident you're receiving the highest quality products.

Having just launched the company in 2020, they are hopeful to receive a Product of the Year USA award with their newest CBD infused Hair loss products. This will definitely change the industry.

"Receiving awards are the culmination of everyone's effort and I couldn't be more proud of the founders and affiliates that will help us reach this goal," said Clint Whitney, CEO of GreenLifeWay. "As a company, we've worked tirelessly to set the standard for quality, integrity, online marketing training for every partner, and education in this industry... and to have Vital Elements earn a Product of the Year distinction would add real validity to all our efforts."

For more information on GreenLifeWay, please visit www.greenlifeway.org

About GreenLifeWay

GreenLifeWay.org is a nationally recognized consumer cannabidiol (CBD) brand whose current products include CBD tinctures, CBD gummies, CBD topicals, CBD bath bombs, and CBD pet products like Dog or Cat treats, and CBD Pain Cream.  

GreenLifeWay is a proud partner of Vital Elements and subsidiary companies The Whitney Group LLC Marketing Agency for Mortgage Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents and Prologue Website Builder, who earned a #1 Google Speed Test against leading brand website and funnel builders.

Vital Elements also has exclusive CBD funnel building with Prologue Website Builder which is given for free to those affiliates that sign up to help promote the products and GreenLifeWay has over $5,000 of marketing tools and training also offered on their website.  

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*THC-free is defined as below the level of detection using valid scientific analytical tools.

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