CBD Oil for Dogs | What is CBD and How Can it Help My Pet? 


CBD Oil for Dogs has become one of the most favorite ways to help that adorable, honory, cuddly, spoiled-rotten, anxiety ridden pet.  Just a little fun, but on the serious side, pet owners are being referred to CBD for their dog. Many are left wondering which CBD product can I trust? How much CBD should I give my dog?  How long does it take to work? Unlike just another "pet health fad," CBD oil for your pet is not just a trend.  It is quickly becoming the #1 way to help your pet without the expensive vet bills while actually helping your pet.  There is a lot of advice floating around online and the mission here at GreenLifeWay.org is to cut through the noise, offer solid advice backed by research and trusted sources, and ultimately provide the purest and trusted brand to our audience.

Obviously, you love your pet and want the best for your pet, which contributes to this question:

What do I want and need to understand about CBD oil to most effectively and safely help my pet with xyz issues?

According to Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Jerry Klein from AKC, clarifies what CBD oil is, what it can do, and some concerns and potential side effects of CBD oil.

What's CBD Oil?

Dr. Klein states it is vital to be aware that typically, the CBD doesn't comprise delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties. In reality, the majority of CBD goods are derived from the hemp plant and not out of marijuana plant.

Side Effects of CBD Oil in Dogs and Cats

The first thing to understand is that CBD from Hemp is now legal in all 50 states and not toxic to pets.  However, if it contains THC or is from the Marijuana plant it can become toxic in your pet.

While there is no scientific data about the negative effects of CBD use for puppies, there are possible side effects according to the way CBD affects people. To minimize any possible side effects, be certain that you are after the suitable dosage for your pets body weight.

For puppies, this could manifest as an increased desire of thirst. Not to be alarmed at all, just a natural side effect that may require a couple extra trips outside to take care of business. 

In some cases, puppies may have a brief sense of lightheadedness.  Although their fall would be small, it is important to watch such changes and adjust the dosage accordingly.

How CBD May Affect a Puppy?

Be sure to give your pet the best CBD oil from Vital Elements. So you don't have to worry about where it was made, harsh chemicals or pesticides, and that it was made with love on our Vital Elements farm in Oregon.  

If your puppy is extremely hyperactive and into everything, giving your pet a small dose of CBD may be a great way to ease your stress and help the puppy relax, take a good nap, and not be quite so over the top.  It's from nature so you should be happy to hear it's a very safe way to relax your pet using a small dosage and adjusting from there.

Presently, there's been no formal research on how CBD impacts puppies directly. What scientists do know is that cannabinoids interact with all the endocannabinoid receptors found in the peripheral and central nervous systems, which help keep balance within the human body and keep it at a normal healthier state.

Unbiased Educated view from Dr. Klein

How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog?

This is a delicate answer. While we cannot give dosage recommendations, we can only provide examples of what other pet owners have given their dog based on their veterinarian recommendations. 

So, this serves as just a measurement of how long a bottle could last for your pet and not meant to serve as an actual dosage recommendation.

Typically, a CBD oil dose for a dog will depend on its weight, purity and quality of the CBD oil, Here are some general guidelines (not to be considered medical advice - check with your vet prior to adding any supplementation for your pet):

Pets less than 15lb: 0.3ml (approx. 10 drops) twice per day.

Pets over 15lb: 0.6ml (approx. 20 drops) twice per day.

It is recommended not to give your dog human CBD oil as it may have its own drawbacks.  We offer a CBD for oil product specifically for pets here at GreenLifeWay.org  Also, it is advised to consult your vet before treating your dog with CBD Dog Care Tincture Oil.

Drowsiness: Dog owners also have utilized CBD to deal with stress. The calming effect of CBD can also result in small nausea, particularly when using high doses.

The safety and/or dangers of utilizing CBD for puppies still haven't been fully investigated. Thus, we don't know how high of a dose would be poisonous. Any medicine or supplement carries the chance of a reaction.

It's always advisable, when giving your pet something new, to begin with small quantities and then carefully monitor the effects. And always consult your vet.

In the event that you and your vet decide you would like to give CBD a whirl for the puppy, there are a number of things to remember while buying CBD oil. 

Not all oils are the same; you will want high quality CBD oil.  There are a lot of hyped products and products that simply are loaded with fillers, water, and poor farming practices laced with chemicals.  

Search for organic methods used.  Note: CBD is naturally organic in most cases with anti fungal and insect repellents so a high quality CBD product does not have to be organic.

In the event the CBD oil isn't organic, it should not include dyes, fungicides, or solvents. 

How do you know? 

Each product should have a QR code and/or label showing that it was 3rd party tested (if not...hard to trust that wouldn't you say?). 

The labels will tell you if any chemicals, pesticides, fillers, and hemp purity are contained within each bottle.

In a coupon society, I'm going to suggest something contradictory to the normal "sale" mentality:

It is truly advisable to NOT price shop.  The greater the quality and purity, the greater the price.

The incredible 3rd party tested with Certificate of Analysis CBD Oil we recommend is in the medium range of CBD pricing.

You do not wish to really go for a more affordable alternative that might have toxic substances like pesticides, herbicides, or heavy metals.

The big one: Ensure that your CBD oil does not have any additives.  Many scam companies selling CBD will add tons of fillers and use false claims on their bottles.  It's a big deal.

Obtain the analysis. The producer should offer a certification that tells you that the quantity of CBD that's from the item (again on a QR code label for example).

Most CBD products contain only tiny quantities of CBD. You will also need to be certain that there is little, if any, THC from the item. 

Purchase CBD as a liquid.  You can purchase dog treats containing CBD (totally awesome and we have those too!).  However, the ideal form to administer is a tincture.

In this manner, you can fix your pet's dose drop by drop.  However, we do recommend the treats for the occasional car ride when your pet may need an extra boost of - calm down! 😂

Dr. Klein points into the legalization of marijuana in several areas, which has triggered interest in possible health advantages of marijuana-related goods. 

Thus, the Hemp industry is booming and "We will likely see continuing interest in CBD and a rise in study about its efficacy and uses in the next several years," he states.

We are proud to have you here and excited to offer some of the greatest CBD products on the market.

Your pet is more than just a pet, they are family.  Grab a bottle and treats of CBD for your pet today so they can live a better life, have better health, because there is a better way.

CBD Oil from Vital Elements as offered by GreenLifeWay.org.


Source: https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/health/cbd-oil-dogs

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