Can CBD Oil Be the Right Product for You? 

Can CBD Be The Ideal Product for You?

It's an amazing time of change we are seeing.  With a new (actually renewed) market it's exciting and also can be confusing.  There are good and bad companies created with such opportunity.  A person must understand we have many products on the market which claim to be made from the miraculous CBD oil, but is this product safe?  This article will focus on product safety, CBD oil basics, and introduce our company that is helping ease customers minds on the safety of every bottle of CBD oil isolate tincture.

The first question consumers ask is, "Is this CBD oil product safe?"

This is THE NUMBER ONE REASON people have not tried CBD oil.

This is THE NUMBER ONE REASON GreenLifeWay partnered with a family farm Vital Elements and why they came into the CBD space; to be the ethical company customers trust for all their CBD oil needs.  It's what is desperately needed today.

To know if a product is safe means to understand where your CBD derives from, which state it's grown, and whether or not the company does 3rd party testing, does it contain a Certificate of Analysis.  Even better - do they own the entire process from seed to bottle?

Very, very, very few companies can hold the seed to bottle label.  We do.

It's astonishing to me that many people do not understand the difference between products which are CBD oil isolate and products which aren't. It is important to know the difference before using the products.

Professional golfers and athletes have turned to CBD in droves.  Check out this article on 7 most misunderstood reason Athletes have turned to CBD.  We share tons of research in there.  Understandably, the reasons more people are turning to CBD is extremely humbling.

CBD oil

The term CBD stems from cannabidiol also it is among the most common cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. CBD can be found in a number of different forms, such as extracts, tinctures, and creams. What CBD is well known for is that it provides great pain relief with limited to no side effects compared to that of most other pain medicines.

For those who aren't familiar with this CBD process, CBD is extracted from the Cannabis plant using a number of methods, which differ based on the concentration of CBD. There are no reported deaths associated with CBD or any kind of CBD merchandise. 

Look, after hearing Charlotte's story and others regarding PTSD, pain, and other issues, I suddenly didn't care what my own personal views of Marijuana were. If my child was having multiple seizures a day I would do ANYTHING to help them.

The 30 years ago me would have never dreamed I would be here in support of this. However, I'm now a father of two beautiful children. I can't even imagine.

Charlotte helped others see the benefits of CBD

This changed everything for me. I began researching it as an investment for my stock portfolio around 2013. It was very exciting to see all these new companies sprout up and laws began passing. For the record, when laws pass, stocks soar.

Anyway, from that point on my view shifted and I began seeing the value in this plant. That's what we're talking about here. A plant. For our CBD plant specifically it's the HEMP plant and not the Marijuana plant (think of them like cousins with similar DNA but still each hold their own super powers).

CBD and what the Federal and State Laws say

According to federal law, the hemp plan must contain less than .03% THC. Then, upon processing it into tincture, our company's oil will be 100% THC free.

This is NOT the case with most companies. You never know what they add to it. You never know how pure it is. You never know where it came from or trust that the label is what it says it is.

Now that you see the benefits, discover the best company to buy your CBD THC free oil products

With GreenLifeWay.org and our partner Vital Elements, you do not have to be concerned with not knowing what is in the bottle thereby not knowing what you're putting IN your body.

Our farm has been a family farm since the 1970s. We grow the hemp using organic methods with no other crap in the soil, no pesticides or chemicals.

Side note - Did you know that the plant itself is incredible at keeping bugs away!? It's remarkable. Plus, we plant our own seeds, harvest our own crop, produce our own oil...we OWN the ENTIRE process.

Other leading brands have questionable processes, potentially watered down, very low CBD oil in it, higher THC levels than what's on the bottle, and crafted with harmful processes on farms that may not use organic methods like ours.

In conclusion, there are many misunderstood practices as a society in which have kept people from looking at CBD as a true natural method to re-balance our body.

Charlotte was instrumental and grabbed the Nation's heart as we heard stories of the incredible decrease in her seizures.  As such, paved the way for more legislation which in turn brought about new CBD companies both with and without THC.

So, will CBD be the right fit for you?  After hearing Charlotte's story, only you can decide. 

You're right.  It may not work.  But what if it does?  What if you begin to have better sleep, lowered stress and anxiety, better overall body balance?  You have to give it 30 days.  It takes time to build up in your system, dial in a dosage, and as long as you're writing down your daily ailments, generally most people are surprised at what they do not write down after 30 days as opposed to what they do.  That's the awesome power of CBD oil.

We encourage you to please talk with your doctor before beginning any sort of product, particularly one that is intended to help with your wellness.

Consider using GreenLifeWay.org for a highly ethical from seed to bottle CBD THC free oil tincture, pain cream, gummies, dog treats, and more.  We put love in every single bottle.

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