7 Things People Oughta Know in Considering CBD Oil For Car Accidents 

 CBD Pain Cream & CBD Oil Tincture For Car Accident Victims Pain Relief

Disclaimer: These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Association as they do not examine supplements. This information is not meant to cure, diagnose, or cure any disease. Before adding any nutritional supplements or are presently taking any medication, consult with your medical professional.  

Here are 7 things people ought to know when considering CBD Oil for Car Accidents.  

1. CBD Oil Products Emerge As a Leader in Natural Remedy for Americans

CBD oil has emerged as a legitimate pioneer in the natural supplement industry. CBD oil especially has spurred sales in the United States to an explosive $1 Billion dollars in 2018 in just 3 short years after state governments started changing the laws surrounding cannabis. 

Even better, CBD THC Free oil, meaning that which the Hemp plant is grown with a maximum .03% THC and then extracted during processing, is not legal in all 50 states.  

The oil has assisted tens of thousands of individuals around the world with several disorders and as more people share their success with 26, interest continues to grow. Furthermore, the FDA has already approved cannabinoid for Epilepsy treatment.

2. CBD Oil "Epidiolex" was approved by the FDA for Seizures

The Food and Drug Administration has accepted a single product called Epidolex for seizures from Dravet syndrome and syndrome.

So why is this good news?  Because the FDA clearly sees CBD oil as valuable. 

This leads one to think that more approval and acceptance will only continue as the health benefits and scientific research continue to be examined and released.  However, we must stress that the FDA has not approved any other CBD products at this time as they do not evaluate supplements and CBD oil is considered a supplement.

3. Customers using CBD oil for pain recovery after an automobile accident

Pain relief from being in an automobile accident can be tremendous.  Devastating to some.  Let's get this out of the way and ensure our readers understand that we are not suggesting CBD oil can make it all go away.

However, some physicians are now advocating CBD Oil for its successful and frequently pain relief.  Many consumers that have been using medical marijuana are turning into THC free products like that from GreenLifeWay.org due to many of the issues described in this blog.  Additionally those people that are looking to find pain relief from a car accident without the crazy effects of medical marijuana.

The benefits of CBD for an automobile accident may be accomplished without having to add more harmful prescription drugs, by taking a few actions to teach oneself. CBD oil is ideal for the person looking for a method of balancing the entire body from the inside out.

4. Why are Medical Marijuana users turning to Hemp CBD THC free Oil instead?

Some Marijuana users have grown tired of their psychoactive effects, in which their bodies are affected by marijuana.

This year (2020) Cannabis made another big stride when it proved to be a medical necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Shops were to remain open because patients have experienced so many medical benefits and rely on it for pain management.  Many are taking Medical Marijuana daily for their various disorders.

However, the THC component makes one "high" and a person can appear fine, but internally they don't really feel "present."

5. THC Free CBD Oil does not lead to psychoactive behavior

Unlike the effects of marijuana, CBD oil derived from the Hemp plant, will not lead to the typical psychoactive behaviour found from medical marijuana since the CBD oil is from the HEMP plant and THC is isolated in the CBD process. This ensures that our CBD oil is 100 percent THC free. 

6. Many people find relief from CBD Pain Cream 

When a patient applies the CBD pain cream, he or she will go for a short walk to boost blood flow.  This permits the patient to feel the pain more easily. The patient feels a sense of health, which can be hard to describe, once the pain is experienced, however, the effect is quite clear.  CBD pain cream as advocated by GreenLifeWay may be applied directly into the website of the injury as a topical program.

It is recommended to add CBD oil isolate THC tincture in addition to the pain cream. The inquiry generally comes up, can you utilize CBD oil?How to Utilize CBD Oil THC free TinctureCBD oil isolate THC free tincture may be removed and put under the tongue for 30-60 seconds.

This is indeed the CBD oil is absorbed into the body since after it goes into the stomach, it is broken down and effective. The best dose is upon entering the digestion and mouth which occur under the tongue Dosage recommendations vary but there are graphs available to help give you a score of where you can start your nutritional supplement.

(Grab GreenLifeWay.org complimentary "The Basics of CBD" book today - free!).

Mostly, the dose is based on weight and severity of your ailment. The thing to keep in mind is that CBD oil works best over time unlike an aspirin which will cover the pain.

Some medical professionals are recommending CBD for auto accident pain relief is to get relief of symptoms for a brief period of time. After a period of a couple hours, if the pain is still bothering the customer, it is likely that the CBD pain cream may not succeed. 

However, if taken with CBD oil tincture, the body begins to re-balance itself from the inside out and the cream can help isolate the area of concern.  Once absorbed, the CBD can have a long-lasting effect.

7. Are there Negative Effects of CBD oil THC free?

Other side effects, which can happen while choosing CBD for pain relief for auto accident include drowsiness and loss of appetite.

A person afflicted by inflammation and pain could be able to lessen the pain by choosing CBD oil as well as using the pain cream.  It would be highly advised that anybody contemplating CBD pain relief consult with their physician before starting any course of treatment. 

Although there have been very few documented cases of CBD being directly responsible for the occurrence of some of these side effects, An individual should not attempt to self-medicate with no advice of a physician because CBD remains under scrutiny.

Other pain sufferers might have the ability to decrease the intensity of their pain by taking a CBD Oil as a nutritional supplement. This, coupled with the pain medications they're taking (again - after consulting with a physician), may produce the desired effect of pain relief for an auto collision. 

Another reminder:  Because of the heavy scrutiny of the FDA in CBD articles, we cannot emphasize enough that this article should not be viewed as anything other than informative.  We cannot force you, but are adamant that seeking a physician prior to adding CBD along with any other medications is highly encouraged.  It is for our customers' safety we must continue to remind you.

Bonus round!

8.  Locating a SAFE CBD Oil Isolate Tincture and CBD Pain Cream

Since the FDA does not track supplements, it can be difficult to find.  The CBD industry can be somewhat of the wild west.

This is the reason GreenLifeWay exists; to serve our clients with the maximum Integrity providing quality CBD Oil education and showing our clients the top - vetted - and best recommendation using our strict standards. 

Our favorite story is Charlotte from Colorado and the success she and her family had since first discovering the incredible effects of cannabinoids. 

Charlotte suffered from multiple seizures a day.  Her parents had tried everything.  While we cannot guarantee or suggest our CBD will prevent, cure, or treat any disease per FDA guidelines, we do take her story to heart and is THE reason Clint Whitney, owner and founder of GreenLifeWay found the need to help get the word out at the benefits CBD does offer our bodies.

It was important we went with quality to ensure that when young and old, like Charlotte, turn to CBD they are getting quality, pure products every time.

The #1 Recommendation goes to a family farm out of Oregon, USA that loves the plant, is obsessed with the purity and high quality of the item, and considers the Hemp plant carries incredible benefits helping to re-balance the body in an unbelievable way as research has revealed.

With hundreds of companies claiming to be "best cbd oil," very, very few companies OWN the full process from Seed to Bottle.

What does "Seed to Bottle" really mean?  They have the farm, they plant the Hemp seed using organic methods, cultivate it, harvest it, process it, bottle it, send it to get a certificate of analysis (3rd party testing), and finally - ship it.

That is what Seed to Bottle is supposed to look like.

Other companies may claim it, but they actually don't own the farm.  The contract it our and claim they do.

Vital Elements and their family farm in Oregon Own the entire process which is why this is possible.

Purity - we know it's fantastic but - You do not need to take our word for it...

Each batch of top CBD oil is 3rd party tested (this is not required by law by the way) and (the testing company is completely unaffiliated with Vital Elements or Greenlifeway.org in any way) to ensure that what we state is in the bottle...really is IN the bottle.

Unlike gas station or corner street pharmacy shops that often add watered down fillers for their CBD oil and raising concern over its true purity. 

This means it's not as pure and less effective.

Before someone decides to attempt CBD Oil especially derived from a Hemp plant for pain relief or management, an individual should do some research and know where the THC free CBD oil tincture or CBD pain cream is made.

Our #1 Recommendation for a Safe, 3rd Party Tested, Premium CBD oil & CBD Pain Cream Business

Introducing CBD Oil Tincture, Pain Cream, Gummies, Dog treats and very soon CBD infused Ketones and industry leading Hail Loss CBD shampoo -- All from Vital Elements!

Bottom Line

The advantages of CBD for an automobile accident might be realized without needing to add prescription medication to your routine and by taking a few actions to educate oneself on how CBD oil may balance the body from the inside out. 

CBD oil is perfect for the individual searching for a pure method of balancing the entire body from the inside out. Your mindset has to be a minimum of 30 days duration for CBD to build up and balance the body over this time.

Taking the long-term strategy to CBD oil and upping your dosage daily at first then weekly or as needed is recommended. Normally dose is based on weight and desirable result for you.

Further ensuring you have consulted with your professional to cross check adverse effects with CBD oil and current medications is critical to your health and safety. This shouldn't be ignored.

Those companies that use 3rd party testing can verify Item safety and supply a certificate of evaluation on each bottle. No chemicals or pesticides are used is also part of the criteria.

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